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The Professional Standards Bureau (PSB) ensures that Dayton Police Officers respond in a professional manner and abide by proper police procedures in all circumstances. If you believe you have been subjected to, or witnessed, police misconduct of any type, the PSB encourages you to report the incident in-person, over the telephone, via mail, or email. All complaints received by the PSB are reviewed and addressed, and if not, you may file a complaint with the Community Appeals Board.  Complaints may be filed by the following methods:

  • Submit your complaint online
  • Email the City of Dayton Police Department
  • Call (937) 333-1403
  • Appear in person at 371 W Second Street, Dayton, Ohio, 45402
  • Send the Complaint Form  via U.S. mail to 371 W Second Street, Dayton, Ohio 45402

Most complaints will require some form of personal contact with an investigator from the PSB. You may be asked to provide a written or tape-recorded statement and to sign a formal complaint. If you are alleging that you received injuries during your contact with the police, a photograph the injuries and medical reports may be required. Remember to provide accurate contact information.  Although helpful, you do not need to know the name or badge number of the officer who is the subject of your complaint.

Anonymous complaints are also reviewed for investigation. However, each is considered on a case-by-case basis dependent upon the information provided in the complaint.

Appealing the Outcome of Your Complaint

Citizens who are not satisfied with the decision regarding their complaint may file an appeal to the Community Appeals Board (CAB). The appeal must be filed with the Board within thirty (30) calendar days of the date the PSB issues its findings. Complaints may be filed against both sworn and civilian personnel. Blank forms will be mailed with the letter informing complainants of the findings of the initial complaint investigation. More information on the CAB can be obtained by contacting the Human Relations Council at (937) 333-1400.

If you would like to appeal the finding of your misconduct investigation, please fill out the CAB Appeal Form. Forms are also available at the Human Relations Council.

Completed forms should be mailed to:

Community Appeals Board

c/o Human Relations Council

371 W. Second St., Suite 100

Dayton, OH 45402

Citizens may contact the Human Relations Council if at any step in the initial complaint or appeal process they need assistance. You may reach out to the HRC Office of Justice and Inclusion for additional information at 937.333.1437.

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