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Minutes & Agendas

As is required by law, HRC board agendas and minutes are public records and available to anyone who wishes to explore the board’s past actions. Questions regarding meeting agendas and/or minutes should be directed to Joann Wright at (937) 333-1403.

February 2020:

Board Agenda- February 2020

January 2019:

Board Agenda – January 2019

Board Minutes- January 2019

February 2019: 

Board Agenda-February 2019

Board Minutes-February 2019.

March 2019:

Board Agenda-March 2019. 

Board Minutes- March 2019. 

 April 2019:

Board Agenda-April 2019.

Board Minutes-April 2019.

May 2019:

Board Agenda- May 2019

Board Minutes- May 2019

June 2019:

Board Agenda- June 2019

Board Minutes- June 2019

July 2019:

Board Agenda- July 2019

Board Minutes- July 2019

August 2019:

Board Agenda- August 2019

Board Minutes- August 2019

September 2019:

Board Agenda- September 2019

Board Minutes- September 2019

October 2019:

Board Agenda- October 2019

Board Minutes- October 2019

November 2019:

There are no Minutes or Agenda for the month of November. Due to there being no cases to be presented, the November 2019 Board meeting has been canceled. Per the City of Dayton’s R.C.G.O. Section 32.14, the Board is only required to meet quarterly.

December 2019:

Board Agenda- December 2019

Board Minutes- December 2019









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