Dayton HRC

Community-Police Relations Initiatives

The mission of the Community Police Relations Initiatives is to facilitate positive engagement and increased trust between law enforcement and the neighborhoods they serve to support safe and inclusive communities.

The Human Relations Council works with and on behalf of the community, Dayton City Commission, Dayton Police Department, Trotwood Police Department, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, and Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office to create safe and inclusive neighborhoods that include the police and residents working together to improve relationships and reduce or eliminate crime.

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Community Initiative to Reduce Gun Violence (CIRGV)

The mission of the Community Initiative to Reduce Gun Violence (CIRGV) is to reduce group-related gun violence in Montgomery County, Ohio through strategic multijurisdictional law enforcement, engaging the moral voice of the community and advocacy, and life changing supportive services. The CIRGV initiative is implemented through three interventions, 1) Community, 2) Law Enforcement, and 3) Services.

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Community Appeals Board (CAB)

The Community Appeals Board is a seven-member body established by the City Manager as authorized by a City Commission Ordinance. The Dayton Police Department’s Professional Standards Bureau investigates alleged Police misconduct and issues findings and the Board hears any resident appeals of those findings.  Additional duties of the Board include reviewing quarterly reports from the Professional Standards Bureau regarding misconduct cases that are under investigation and working to enhance policies and professional standards within the Police Department.

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Citizen Police Conversations

The Dayton Mediation Center provides a place for citizens who have a complaint about an experience with a Dayton Police Officer to have a conversation. These complaints may be about police discourtesy or rudeness during an interaction with an officer. The conversations allow the officer and citizen to sit down with a mediator and discuss the events that led up to the complaint. These conversations can help citizens talk about their experience with the officer, clear up misunderstandings and miscommunications, or result in a mutual understanding of the situation. It can be an opportunity to talk about how to address problems in the community.

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Get Involved

The more residents that get involved in their community, the better the City of Dayton will be.
The Human Relations Council offers opportunities for individuals and organizations to
make an impact and promote equality and harmony in Dayton, Ohio.

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