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Procurement Enhancement Plan

It is the policy of the City of Dayton to promote full and equal business opportunities to all persons doing business with the City. The City must ensure that businesses seeking to participate in contracting and procurement activities with the City are not prevented from doing so on the basis of the race or gender of their owners. The City is committed to ensuring that it is not a passive participant in any form of discrimination. This policy applies to all expenditures of City funds, irrespective of source. This policy will also apply to all private-sector economic development projects, where feasible, in which City public funds and/or tax incentives are utilized, in part or in total. (See City of Dayton Revised Code of General Ordinances Sec. 35.32 “Declaration of policy”)

The Procurement Enhancement Plan (PEP) Program establishes aspirational goals to overcome barriers identified in the Disparity Study (“A Third-Generation Disparity Study for the City of Dayton, Ohio” final report dated November 6, 2019) for minority-owned, woman-owned, small and local companies. These goals serve to enhance the percentage of minority-owned, woman-owned, small, and local companies working with the City over the next 10 years. The program does not set contracting quotas, which have been struck down by federal courts over the past 20 years.

PEP Program Information:

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