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Ohio Lottery Commission is seeking minority owned businesses to provide Cooperative Services for the Ohio State Lottery

Please note the below opportunity is for potential MBE subcontracting. We are looking to identify potential subcontractors for this particular opportunity. MBEs will not be required to fulfill all of the services on the contract.

In your response please note which service(s) your company is capable of providing.

Ohio DAS HeaderThe Department of Administrative Services Office of Procurement Services on behalf of the Ohio Lottery Commission is seeking minority owned businesses to provide Cooperative Services for the Ohio State Lottery.

This email is serving as an inquiry of capabilities to identify certified MBEs and is not a solicitation for bids. Should the opportunity become an MBE set aside vendors will receive a notice from State Purchasing when the bid has been posted.

Scope of Work

Program and Services consist of the following:

  1. Data Processing.
  2. Warehouse Operations
  3. Security Management
  4. Staffing Plan
  5. Management of a Telephone Based Order System
  6. Management of Instant Tickets and Gaming Supply Inventory
  7. Packaging and Delivery of Instant Tickets and Gaming Supplies
  8. Management of Return Receipt Instant Tickets and Gaming Supplies
  9. Destruction of Instant Tickets
  10. Implementation Plan
  • The Awarded Contractor will provide one secured location for the receipt, inventory, warehousing, and distribution of Lottery Instant Tickets, and Gaming Supplies, and for the TelSell operations within 30 miles of Lottery Headquarters located at 615 W. Superior Ave., Cleveland, OH 44113.
  • The Awarded Contractor will be solely responsible for any build out for this facility including offices, physical security systems and environmental systems.
  • Responsibility for maintaining the physical security of the location and the Contractor’s personnel shall rest with the Contractor.
  • The Lottery requires a facility of sufficient size to accommodate current operations and future growth.


  • Documentation must be submitted that the vendor can provide a dedicated $1 million dollar line of credit to be maintained throughout an awarded Contract.
  • Offeror must have had a Contract for delivery systems and/or warehousing, distribution, and TelSell services within five (5) of the last six (6) years. Offeror must identify all North American Lotteries which contracted with the Offeror for a combined delivery systems and/or warehousing, distribution, and TelSell (telemarketing) including dates of the Contracts. The TelSell services provided must be specifically related to lottery retailer calls.

Refer to UNSPS Codes:

  • 78131800: Specialized warehousing and storage
  • 80141700: Distribution
  • 14111800: Business use papers

To view the current contract use the link below:

If your company is capable of fulfilling the requirements please forward

  • Business Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Business Type (ex: Janitorial Services, Consulting Services, Information Technology Services, etc.)
  • State of Ohio MBE Certification Status (MBE Certified; Not MBE Certified)

to Patrice Davis at by Thursday, August 4, 2016.  If you have additional questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,

Patrice Davis

MBE Program Administrator

General Services Division

Office of Procurement Services


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