Dayton Human Relations Council

Affirmative Action Assurance (AAA) Exemptions & Exceptions

The HRC, the City’s Department of Central Services, and the City’s Department of Finance have identified certain exemptions and exceptions to the City’s AAA policy.


The following entities and transaction types are exempt from the AAA process:

  1. Government entities;
  2. Entities that receive payroll deduction payments (such as the United Way, United Negro College Fund, and garnishment agencies);
  3. City of Dayton employees; and
  4. Memberships and subscriptions to professional organizations.


The following types of transactions are excepted from the AAA process:

  1. The purchase of real estate;
  2. Payments to acting judges;
  3. Payments to youth employment students, in a program lasting approximately 12 weeks, operated by Recreation and Youth Services, giving adolescents an opportunity to work and earn money;
  4. Payments for employee or citizen travel (including hotels and payments to the vendor who is providing the training/seminar);
  5. Payments to vendors whose AAA certification expired after the date the contract or purchase order was established, but before the contract/P.O. expires, and requires payment of invoices to fulfill that contract/P.O.;
  6. Payments to utility companies, for utility services only (other services would require AAA approval via the normal process);
  7. Final payments of a deceased employee’s wages to the estate or beneficiary;
  8. Payments for moral obligations and settlements, items the Law Department deems in the best interest for the City to pay, or items ordered by the Courts;
  9. Payments to arbitrators, conciliators, and/or mediators when the City does not have a choice of which vendor will be used;
  10. Any payment that is not the result of the City purchasing a product or service (such as refunds, payments mandated by law, donations, etc.);
  11. Payment for an invoice for which the City of Dayton has already received the service or product;
  12. Payments for service/maintenance agreements;
  13. Payments to sole proprietorships (the HRC will grant a 1-year exception, with a review each year); and
  14. Payments for other items that are mutually agreed upon by the HRC and Department of Finance.

If you believe a AAA exemption or exception may apply in your situation, please contact the HRC’s Business & Technical Assistance team for assistance.

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