Dayton HRC

Community Police Council (CPC)


The Dayton Community Police Council (CPC) is committed to expanding mutual responsibility for public safety though the development of accountability, respect and trust among and between residents and the police.


One City. Many People- Committed to Mutual Responsibility for Public Safety.

Core Values

The Dayton Community Police Council decisions and actions will be guided by mutual values of:

CPC’s Commitment to the City, Neighborhoods, Residents and Youth

The Dayton Community Police Council is committed to:

  • creating opportunities for residents and youth to engage with police and speak-out about safety in their neighborhoods.
  • listening to individuals, social groups and organizations speak frankly about their relations with police.
  • building trust through clear and accurate communication.
  • responding swiftly to events dividing police from individuals, neighborhoods and the community.
  • coordinating activities city-wide to strengthen community-police relations.
  • developing mutual responsibility and accountability throughout the Dayton community for public safety.


Get Involved

The more residents that get involved in their community, the better the City of Dayton will be.
The Human Relations Council offers opportunities for individuals and organizations to
make an impact and promote equality and harmony in Dayton, Ohio.

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